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Solar System Design

Dedicated to engineer sustainable solutions, Illumine-i was founded to provide commercial and industrial projects with resilient, clean energy solutions. Offering high quality custom design at a faster turn around time and competitive pricing, we are the preferred design partner to more than 300 solar installers, developers and EPCs across the US.

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Solar System Design: Services

Utility Solar Design

Utility Scale solar design and energy storage projects for developers, EPCs, utilities, and independent power producers.

Commercial PV Design

Commercial solar system design and production estimates.

EV Charging Station Design

EV charging system designs varying from a charging station for single homes to a parking garage of charging stations for many vehicles.

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Utility Solar Design

Our Utility Solar team is positioned to deliver code-compliant and cost-effective Interconnection Documents, Permit/Construction/As-Built Plan Sets, and design support to Developers, EPCs, Solar Asset Owners, and Utilities & Independent Power Producers (IPPs).
We offer services beyond Electrical where partners require Structural, Civil, Geotechnical, and Environmental Professionals for Rooftop, Shade Structures, and Land/Water-Based Solar PV Systems. We have the expertise and partnerships in Battery Storage to be agnostic to equipment and component selections for AC-Coupled or DC-Coupled Solar + Storage or Stand-alone.
With a Knowledge Bank of Engineers that are in the US and India, our company is able to bring Global Advantages to your Project Scheduling, Budget, Optimization, and Bankability. If Solar Design isn’t required, allow our company to review Plan Sets that have been submitted by Third-Party Engineers by our NABCEP Certified Engineers.

Solar Sys Design: Utilty

Utility PV Design

Preliminary designs and concept layout

Single-axis and dual-axis tracker designs

Fixed tilt ground-mounted designs

Medium/High Voltage utility system design

PVSYST Reports and production estimates.

Arc flash studies

Central and String Inverters design

Interconnection Applications

Issue for Permitting/Issue for Construction Drawing Sets

Equipment Pad Structural Design

Structural Review

Electrical Review

Commercial & Industrial Solar Design

Committed to Excellence

Our NABCEP certified engineers have created multiple pv solar projects surpassing the 200 MW mark all over the United States in the commercial and industrial sector. Quality work and close attention to detail are at the forefront of our priorities. We also have in-house capabilities to design solar carports.

Our reports include a forecast of annual energy generation by the designed system. The system design is based on the annual solar insulation of your area, all possible shading scenarios and your current annual energy consumption in order for our engineers to determine the size of the system needed to offset your annual energy consumption. From our report you will be provided a P50/P95/P99 energy estimate. 

In addition to energy production, our designs also include energy storage battery solutions which are vital to a system's ability to continue operation during times of low solar output. 

A staff checking solar panels
Solar Sys Des: Commercial

Commercial & Industrial PV Permit Plan

System Sizing and Production Estimates

  • PV system size determination and yearly energy production


  • PVSyst Solar project simulation report

  • Annual Energy generation

Equipment Selection

  • Inverter/Module recommendation and BOS selection

Solar Layout (Conceptual and final)

  • Efficient and aesthetic PV module placement


  • Dead Load Calculations

  • Solar Structure Attachment and Anchoring Details

  • Review of existing structure to support solar

  • Structural Review


  • Wire and Conduit Sizing

  • Electrical Site Plan

  • String Wiring Plan

  • Voltage Drop Calculations

  • Electrical Equipment Mounting Details

  • Electrical Line Diagram

  • Warning Labels and Placards

  • Electrical Review (in US only)

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