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Charging ports


As authorized resellers of blink charging ports, we offer a variety of charting solutions specific to your demands.

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Blink: Commercal

Commercial Charge Stations

Fast IQ 200 Level 2 EV Chargers


Capable of delivering up to 65 miles of charge in an hour

30kW DC Fast Charging Stations


Features a 7-inch LCD touchscreen display to provide drivers instructions and real-time feedback while charging.

60kW-360kW DC Fast Charging Stations


Provide up to 225 miles of range in 30 minutes and features a 10-inch LCD touchscreen display to provide drivers with instructions and real-time feedback while charging.

Residential Charge Stations

Intelligent Scalable MQ 200


HQ 200 Smart Home Level 2 Charging


The HQ 200 is designed to make charging from the comfort of your home even easier, faster, and better.

Compact and Sleek 
Blink HQ 150


The Blink HQ 150 is the ideal single-family EV charging station. It offers 32 amp charging and is easy to install on a standard 240 AC circuit.

Designed for large-scale charger deployments, the MQ 200 is designed for fleets and multiunit locations with a fast 50-amp output.

Blink: Residential
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